Tuesday, November 3, 2009

updates on medical mission #1

hi everyone,

i just want to share with you the exchange of emails i have had with my group of friends in the philippines regarding this project. please feel free to send me a note or leave a comment here for any concerns....

here it goes...

"Dear All,

change date tayo.... Med mission is moved to Nov 7, Sat. The parish priest requested this since baka konti lang punta dahil maglinis sa cemetery ang mga residents. Alam mo naman mga Pinoy, priority talaga pag Undas. They are also requesting for dentists so Doc needs more time esp since Jala-Jala na nga instead of Marikina. Hindi na rin daw dun sa poblacion ang venue. After we talked last night, Doc went to the more remote barangay and since meron din covered court, dun na ang venue. Sa poblacion daw kasi meron health center so kahit papano may access sila sa doctors. The parish priest there was the one who requested to re-sched.

Zoi, concerned sya na masyado matagalan ang report sayo so she told me that if we really want the Oct 31 sched, she will push through with it and just get the services of local doctors there even if this is not the ideal set up since med missions are supposed to supplement the local doctors. I told her that we will follow her sched since baka konti lang din punta and better for her to have enough time to plan para successful ang mission. I told her that we have been updating you regularly naman so update mo na lang the rest of the sponsors.

Lanie told me that Doc was so happy and thankful for referring us to her since the donation was big and will really help her cause. Zoi, thanks daw talaga. You should meet the doc when you visit here. She is even willing to bring us for ocular this Sat if we want esp since she learned that Olan, another "bagong bayani" who donated, will be leaving on Nov 7 so he cant join na. She really wants to tap the Filipinos living abroad and the OFWs as fund sources para tuloy-tuloy lang ang mga med missions. When she was talking to local priests and residents yesterday, there are also requests for her to conduct med missions in other parts of Rizal but she said that this will all depend on availability of funds.

Btw, this is her 4th med mission na pala since Ondoy. First was in Bagong Silangan, QC on the first Sat after Ondoy. There were 22 doctors then and about 1,800 patients. Grabe daw dun as in amoy patay daw when they visited. Then, Bulacan and Pangasinan.

Till next update.... :-)"

the email above was sent by Claire who is coordinating this project for the whole group.



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