Monday, October 26, 2009


hi everyone,
last october 17, 2009 the equivalent of $2,200 was sent to the philippines. my friend janet and sharon received P48,131.58 each. attached here is the copy of the remittance thru western union.

based on my recent conversation with my friends (janet and sharon), it was deemed that the best way to use the fund is to do the medical mission. my group of friends will tie up with a group of doctors who are doing the mission in marikina (one of the hardly hit by the typhoon) where there are a lot of victims who are currently suffering from various illnesses. the plan is to use the money to buy the medicines needed by the patients. the group will source such medicines from the manufacturers to avail of better prices and to get more supplies.

the target date of the medical mission is on October 31, 2009. i will update the website for the actual date and subsequently provide pictures of the mission.
again, thank you everyone. i am sure, the money will go a long long way!


Friday, October 16, 2009

update #5

hi everyone,

i am happy to announce that we were able to raise $2,200 for this ondoy victims fund drive. from the total of $1,935 below, we received a pledge of $65 from Erwin (Baltimore) to finally reach our target of $2,000. he wanted to have the honor of putting the remaining amount for us to attain our goal.

late in the afternoon yesterday, a close friend who wanted to remain anonymous, dropped by in our house to give a $200 donation. this is why we were able to surpass the target! as i mentioned in my facebook status, this is equivalent to about P100,000!!!!

again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. my family are so humbled by this turn out. we will be forever grateful to all of you who believed in this cause.

i will be sending the money later via money transfer to my superfriend (!), janet javier, to facilitate the procurement of needed supplies (food and other items) and the actual distribution of the relief goods. she will be assisted by the whole gang (its you - shawie, tj, karen, chi, claire, jojo, olan and the rest) in this relief operations. i was told by janet that she will coordinate to the local government the actual distribution of the goods for security and safety of everyone.

please note that i will be advancing the money that we are yet to receive (pledges). im doing this so that we can already facilitate the distribution of the goods.

thank you again everyone!!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

update 4

hi everyone,

i am so happy to report that we are nearing our initial target of $2,000!!! the total donation (received and pledges) is now $1,935!!!! yay!!

here's the rundown:
Fund Raising Initiative
Typhoon Ondoy Victims
As of October 14, 2009

1 Seed money $100
2 A Family $300
3 Liza C. $100
4 Revilla Family $100
5 J Azote $250
6 Cuevas Family $50
7 Azul/Hilario $50
8 Rica Valenzuela $110
9 Joel C. $110
10 Alejo Family $110
11 Dianko Family $50
12 Asuncion Family $100
13 Honey $100
14 Mazi $30
15 Eduard Guttierez $50
16 Peck Family $200
17 Mayumi B. $25
18 Nancy H. $100
Total - $1,935

of the total, $420 is still in the mail while $1,515 is already deposited in the bank.

thank you very much everyone!!! may the good Lord continue to guide and shower you with more blessings!!!

Update 5 will be tomorrow which is the last day that i will be receiving donations.

again, maraming maraming salamat po!!!


Note: All $110 donations were actually converted US$100.

Monday, October 12, 2009

update 3

hi everyone,

sorry for the long-delayed update. i just came back from my work-related trip to winnipeg and didn't have the chance to update this website about the status of the fundraising due to workload.

anyway, i am happy to report that i now have a total of CA$950 and US$100 (converted to CA$110). that brings us to our total CA$1,060.

here's the breakdown:

seed money - $100
Anonymous - 300
Liza - 100
Revilla - 100
J - 250
Cuevas - 50
R n Y - 50
Rics - 110
Total $1,060

tomorrow will be the last day that i will be receiving additional donations as i plan to finally send the funds to the Philippines.

again, thank you very much everyone!!! i know that the money we raised will go a long way and make a difference in the lives of the people who will be receiving our share.



Friday, October 2, 2009

update #2

hi everyone,

as mentioned in my previous post, i received a $300 cheque from an anonymous donor last night.

this morning, i received a $100 cheque from Liza Cheung (my officemate/friend). i also received a call yesterday from our former hsbc account manager that she will be sending a cheque.

with all this help pouring in, it really warms my heart that there are a lot of people really willing to help and share their hard-earned money.

i've decided that instead of the initial plan to send the money on monday, oct 5, i will send all the funds collected on tuesday, october 13. i moved the date because i am still waiting for some donations that are promised to be given next week. also, i will be in winnipeg beginning monday until friday, oct 9.

for those who want to send their donations by mail, you can send it to me at 17-3711 Robson Crt., Richmond, BC V7C5T8. please send me an email after you mail the cheque so i'll know what to expect. everything will be monitored and accounted for.

i was advised by malou that it wasn't easy as i initially thought in depositing or transferring your donations to the account i set up mainly because PC (president's choice) does not operate the same as the other banks. apparently, there will be charges involved and over the counter deposits are not possible. (i should have known this before hand!) So, the leaves us just two options, either you write a cheque with my name on it or hand me (or malou or to my friends and relatives) the cash. once we received the money, it will posted in the spreadsheet and will be posted in this blog/website. if you don't see your donations here, please send me an email at or call me at 778 837 1815.

so everyone will be appraised of how are we proceeding with this, below is the step by step plan that we set out to do:
1. raise awareness for the fund-raising;
2. set-up the bank account and create a website/blog to document and monitor the progress;
3. prepare a spreadsheet for all donations received;
4. make a regular updates on the progress;
5. set a deadline for donations and the remittance date of the funds to the Philippines;
6. discuss with the group of friends (it is you - janet, sharon, TJ, claire, karen, chichi and jojo) on who will be the recepient of the relief goods;
7. send the money to the philippines - Janet and/or Sharon will be the named recepient of the funds;
8. the group (my friends in the Philippines) will do the buying of relief goods - canned foods, clothing, water, and other necessities;
9. the group will discuss and identify the location where the relief goods are to be distributed;
10. pictures or videos will be taken to document the relief operations
11. receipts and list of expenses will be presented and accounted by the group.
12. we will post the pictures and the accounting of all donations in this blog/website.

again, thank you very much for all your support!!!

God Bless Us All!!!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

typhoon ondoy link

hi, i am putting here a link that lists down all other fund-raising efforts to help the victims of typhoon ondoy. please feel free to donate to whichever organization or group you feel comfortable. the main objective really is to help more people as possible.

thanks everyone for all your help!!!!!


yay again!

hi, i just want to report that i just received $300 from an anonymous donor here in richmond!!

thanks a lot!!!

first update!

hi everyone,

today is the first update regarding this fund raising effort we started. i have two donors now, YAY!!!
1. a US$100 cheque from my friend Rica Suico (Florida) is on the way;
2. a pledge from my brother-in-law, Darius Azote, his income from working the 12-hour shift last sunday.

i hope more are coming....

bless you all!!!