Monday, October 26, 2009


hi everyone,
last october 17, 2009 the equivalent of $2,200 was sent to the philippines. my friend janet and sharon received P48,131.58 each. attached here is the copy of the remittance thru western union.

based on my recent conversation with my friends (janet and sharon), it was deemed that the best way to use the fund is to do the medical mission. my group of friends will tie up with a group of doctors who are doing the mission in marikina (one of the hardly hit by the typhoon) where there are a lot of victims who are currently suffering from various illnesses. the plan is to use the money to buy the medicines needed by the patients. the group will source such medicines from the manufacturers to avail of better prices and to get more supplies.

the target date of the medical mission is on October 31, 2009. i will update the website for the actual date and subsequently provide pictures of the mission.
again, thank you everyone. i am sure, the money will go a long long way!


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