Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bank Account

Hi Everyone,

The bank account has been set-up and the seed money of $100 is already there. I opened the account under my name, Zoilo Herico.

Should you want to do direct deposit, here's the bank details:
President's Choice Chequing Account - 010-30800-0061225686. If you made a deposit to this account, please send me an email at so I would know to whom I list the money from. I will also scan the bank statement on a regular basis and post them here.

Again, from the bottom of my heart and in behalf of my fellow Filipinos, thank you very much for all the help.


Welcome and a Plea

Dear Everyone,

I know that you have heard or watched the recent devastation that hit our beloved country, the Philippines. Metro Manila is still in a state of calamity because of the flooding brought by the typhoon "Ketsana".

It was so heartbreaking to see the kind of damage and destruction it brought to our countrymen. With the pictures still vividly entrenched in my mind, I decided to start a fund-raising campaign to help out these people who were greatly affected.

I will be setting up a bank account, and provide the seed money of $100, which will be used as the depository account for this fund-raising campaign. All money received will be recorded together with the names of the donor. My aim is to raise at least $2,000 to be sent to the Philippines on Monday, October 5. The money will be used to buy food, clothes and other necessary items. Distribution of the goods will be done to the mostly affected areas, particularly Marikina and Cainta. Priorities will be given to those who are still in the evacuation centers.

Any amount you donate will make a big impact. So, I am appealing to your kind heart to please share your blessings and help those people who are now in most need of assistance.

I will post here all the money received with their names (anonymous, if they want to remain as such) and the snapshot of the bank statement.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Bless you all!!