Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Medical & Dental Mission

hi everyone,

sorry for the late post. i am posting herein the report that i got from my friends in the Philippines who spearheaded the medical mission for ondoy victims. i will also attach the link to the pictures they sent me during the mission.

here it goes....

Dear Zoilo,

So sorry for the late report of the successful 7 November 2009 Franciscan medical-dental Mission headed by Dra. Benilda Villasan held in Multi-purpose Hall in Brgy. Pagkalinahan in Jala-Jala Rizal.

Before 7 November 2009, we deposited P50,000.00 to the account of Dra Villasan for them to buy the necessary medicine since they are in the best position to know what medicines really needed for the medical mission and they also have suppliers who can give them better prices. We informed her that they need to give us receipts to support fund disbursements (see PDF file for the receipts).

On 7 November 2009, we left Mandaluyong City around 6:30 A.M. going to Jala-Jala. On our way to the venue, we saw some houses still under flood water (see photos) and in one area in Pililia, Rizal, some victims of the typhoons set-up a temporary shelter just outside the main road. We arrived around 9:30 A.M, in Brgy. Pagkalinahan Multi-purpose Hall in Jala-Jala Rizal. The venue is a remote area from the town center of Jala-Jala, Rizal and there is no regular transportation system on site.

When we arrived in the venue, the local residents and medical team were so warm when they welcome us. They immediate offered us some food for breakfast, donated by residents as a support and token for the the medical mission in their community. You will really feel the Filipino culture of "BAYANIHAN" . Some women in the community were in-charge of cooking some food for the volunteers and medical team while some men were volunteer marshals and doing errand for the medical team.

The Overall coordinator, Mr. Abel was so kind to tour and brief us on the process. According to him, the multi-purpose hall was divided into the following areas/sections to ensure order and efficiency of the service:

1. Registration and waiting area
2. Receiving Area (checking of vital signs and Q & A of patient's medical history)
3. Doctors Area
4. Receiving Prescription Area
5. Pharmacy Area
6. Releasing of Medicines Area (recording of medicines for inventory purposes and checking it against the prescription for completeness and accuracy before releasing to the patient)

Due to limited space, they located the dental area on the stage beside the multi-purpose hall. The Dentists were using mono-block chairs, as dentist chair, during tooth extraction. Each dentist has volunteers like Tj, Celine and Claire to hold the head of the patient during the operation. Within the stage, they also set-up a pharmacy area (where Karen and Chichi volunteered to work) to facilitate immediate release of complete set of medication to the patients.

It is heart-warming to see those local residents who patiently waited for their turn to be served and we learned that some came from nearby barangays by foot only due to scarcity of transportation within the area.

We are glad to report to you that the Franciscan Medical-Dental Mission provided complete set of medicines, both medical and dental. (based on medication duration prescribed by doctors) including multi-vitamins.

According to Abel (Overall coordinator), they were able to served around 500 residents up to 7 P.M. from 5 barangays attended by 4 doctors, around 7 dentists, volunteer nurses and lots of volunteers from the community headed by barangay officials and parish priest.

We, the Medical Team and residents of Jala-Jala Rizal are VERY THANKFUL for your generosity and kind heart to help the victims of Typhoons in the Philippines.

According to Dra. Villasan, the priest offered the Sunday mass to all the donors and volunteers of the medical-dental mission


May God continue to Bless you all !


just refer to the pictures i posted in facebook regarding this activity since most if not all of you are somehow connected to me in that network site.

again, thanks everyone for all your help!!!!